Thursday, November 6, 2014


by Sam J Christopher

I am just a wayfaring stranger
Just passing through this 1-Malaysia
I don't plan to be here for much longer
For I am heading to the land beyond the river
And there settle with my Jesus, forever and ever

A plane is still missing and no one knows why
While the moon turned to blood in the dark night sky
Aedes on the prowl, sucking platelets on the sly
But when that trumpet sounds, I know I’ll fly
To be with my Jesus, no tears to cry

Prices go up, security goes down
The politics here cause many to frown
Good leaders are in want but they sent in the clown
Glad I’m packed, amidst fear all around
I know when my Jesus calls, I’ll get my crown

Bibles are taken away on someone’s decree
Cowheads, firebombs and threats are set free
People wonder, should we stay or flee
But my lamp is burning, so I can clearly see
My Jesus yonder, his arms beckoning me

A pilgrim I am, and in this land I may die
Friends there are, but their time does fly
Not much more, no matter how I try
Not long to go for that flash in the sky
Oh to be with my Jesus in that banquet on high.

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