Thursday, July 29, 2010


by A Lump Of Clay

Chapter 1 – The Prince Gets Cocky

In the beginning of time, in a land far glorious than ours, there was a great and mighty King who ruled over a vast kingdom. This King had a prince called Bright Star who was a handsome man and grew to be a brave and mighty warrior. The King was proud of Bright Star and gave him a great army to command. So magnificent and powerful was Bright Star that the people of the Palace fell over each other to please him. Every time he walked the halls of the palace, it was like sweet music to their ears.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

PG 18 (Parental Guidance Recommended) - The Censored Edition

by A Lump Of Clay

My head was still spinning from the powerful words of the travelling preacher as I made my way out of the church. Wow! This collared-one dared to preach the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, even at the risk of not being invited again? That's a change. So I closed my eyes and told myself, "Enough said lah. Time for yours truly to just SHADDAP till Christmas."


by A Lump Of Clay

I was out for some fresh air one Sunday morning and I again met the Thing-with-the-tail. This time it was sitting by the church entrance, it’s head bandaged, clutching an i-phone and moaning. Stooping, I asked the Thing-with-the-tail why it was crying.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


by Sam J Christopher

The characters in the traditional Christmas play that always has me puzzled are the 3 bearded chaps wrapped in bedspreads, singing “We 3 kings of Orient-R”. Never heard of a country called Orient-R. Doesn’t show up in Google Maps either.