Thursday, June 11, 2015


by Sam J Christopher

How often have you heard that? Whatever the issue, and whatever your personal persuasions, this is one ubiquitous advice you would have most certainly heard more than once in your life. “JUST TAKE THE GOOD AND LEAVE THE BAD.” And there seems to be no short supply of self-appointed personal and public advisers, to ensure that you don’t walk down life’s road without hearing repeated mouthfuls of this adage. It's as if this is the "golden rule" no.2 - handed down by the gods themselves. And it also is a handy tool to abruptly pull the rug from under the feet of a healthy challenge or even an earnest query. Its popularity is mostly because it provides the ideal instant smokescreen for someone who has just been caught with his pants down (...errr ...not literally of course.....), to coolly walk away without having to provide a rational justification for his claims or actions. This then leaves the other party no other choice but to raise their eyebrows, throw up their hands into the air and move on to contemplating more profound things, like ....hmmmm... did that Jenner feller really cut it off, or just flat-pack it?
But does it really end there?