Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 by Sam J Christopher

So another "Mothers’ Day" has come and gone
One day we served her breakfast in bed
so Mom could enjoy the sunrise
One day we minded the children/grandchildren
so Mom could finish her favourite embroidery

One day we washed the dishes
so Mom could keep her calloused hands off the soapsuds
One day we cleaned, swept and mopped the house
so Mom can rest her swollen feet
One day we put her on a pedestal
So Mom can remember how she was once our queen
One day we dusted off the old tablet
to try and put the sparkle back on half of the 5th commandment
One day in a year, alas has come and gone
now Mom waits for 2nd Sunday May 2014
The rest of the 364days are no more Mother’s day
so what shall we do with her today?
We’ll just deal with her like every other day
till comes suddenly that one final day
When we will have to make do without Mom anymore
and on that fateful day we will know
Another word for humbug is hypocrisy.

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