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A TALE OF 2 PRINCES – Final Part

by A Lump Of Clay

Chapter 9 – The Final Showdown

Meanwhile, back in the city, Bright Star was in hysterics at the scene of the open tomb. He was mad as hell at the cowardly city troops who had all run away without putting up a fight against the Palace Guard. He was furious that his plans to finish off the heir to the King’s Throne had fizzled out in such humiliation. Not only that, it had backfired on him. Now the Great King’s Royal Seal of Condemnation was burned into his forehead for all to see, reducing his grandiose personal powers to a minimum. He knew he was marked for isolation and destruction. He pulled his headgear low over his forehead and cursed the King under his breath. His time was running out. He must move fast.
Gathering his powerful army, he hounded and harassed those who spoke of the Only True King and His Beloved Son. For years he chased after them from city to city, cutting off all routes of escape. When he was satisfied that he had wiped them all out, he began to camouflage his own agents as royal emissaries. Every week his agents would address the people in the expensively spruced up city-halls for feel-good sessions and mark out those still loyal to the Only True King for targeted isolation.
Bright Star set about studying what the people desired and then proceeded to give the people WHATEVER they desired - even before they desired it – promising them a new “enlightened” Age! He locked the people into weekly routines of mind-zapping meaningless activities, sapping their thirst for anything relating to the Only True King. He focused all their energies and resources on having as much fun as they could. He showered them with new and miraculous gadgets – gadgets never seen before - gadgets that fulfilled each and every real and imaginary desire - gadgets so wonderful that over the years, all records of Beloved Son’s message of the Majesty, Sovereignty and Wrath of the Only True King was relegated to the old-fairy-tale corner of their tired earth-bound minds.

“Enjoy as much as you can, while you can, however you can!”
 “Food on the table and gadgets in our hands – that’s all that matters.”
“No more absolute laws for us.”
“Anything goes”
“We are masters of our own destiny”

- these were the new mantra of the people of the New Age of enlightenment and freedom under Bright Star

There were pockets of decent folk here and there who still remembered the teachings of Beloved Son. Keeping a low profile, they patiently continued to remain faithful to the Only True King, even at risk to their lives. But all over the land the people rejoiced over the wonderful life that Bright Star had brought them. The Only True King and his laws? All a thing of the past – a fable their forefathers had concocted. Nothing that they did against the King’s laws ever pricked their conscience anymore, for during the weekly meetings in the city-hall, there was always music, singing, dancing, more activities, more gadgetry and more pep-talk – with no more mention about the evils that they were doing against the Only True King. Bright Star’s agents were always at hand to convince them that all was well, there was no need for any fear, and that there really were no rules, everyone is free to live by their OWN rules.
Bright Star’s army fashioned new and awesome weapons - weapons never before seen in their complexity and devastating power - the only weapons, that would be powerful enough to defeat the Great King, so Bright Star thought. He trained the people in all the mighty weapons and tactics of warfare, in preparation for a final showdown with the King. Once the King was defeated, Bright Star will be the ruler of the entire kingdom!
D-day soon arrived. Bright Star gathered his massive army and his mighty arsenal and addressed them.
“People of the land, today, we outnumber the King’s army. Our great weaponry – the products of our latest technological advances - will surely annihilate the ancient Palace. I, Bright Star, mighty ruler of all that you see, have fulfilled all your hearts’ desires. I will now lead you to defeat the King and overrun the Palace. I will be your king and you will live happily forever in my kingdom!”
The people cheered and marched together with Bright Star’s army towards the gates of the Great King’s Palace.

The Great King smiled at the news of Bright Star’s plan to storm his Palace. He turned towards Beloved Son at his side. Seeing his puzzled look, the Wise King handed him His Royal Scepter and winked at him. Beloved Son’s heart swelled with great admiration for he knew that there was NOTHING that could thwart his Father - the Only True Sovereign King. Getting up, Beloved Son signaled to the Captain of the 72,000-strong Palace Guard, who immediately sounded the call-to-arms.

Bright Star raced towards the Great Palace; the Great Throne was only moments away now, he thought to himself. But just as he was about to sound the charge, out of the blue, another trumpet sounded an ear-piercing, heart-stopping call. The Palace Gates flew open and a huge army was fanning out towards him over the horizon, as if from the clouds. As the great cloud of dust drew closer he could hear an old familiar battle-chant ringing across the plains,

“All glory, honour and power to the Only True King!”

When the great army drew up and their Captain stepped forward, Bright Star’s blood chilled. It was none other than his arch enemy - Beloved Son! As the two armies faced off, Bright Star glared in fury at his nemesis. And then as the dust settled, his face changed. There, behind Beloved Son, were all the King’s loyalists he had tortured and killed in every city of the Kingdom! Very much alive! And in full shining armor! Many bearing the same scars as Beloved Son, as if they had followed him to the same kind of death! As he stared at them in wonder, his own army was quickly flanked left and right by the mighty 72,000-strong elite Palace Guard! Bright Star gave a roar and lunged towards Beloved Son, his high-powered weapon blazing. Beloved Son coolly raised the Royal Scepter. The ground beneath heaved and shook as massive thunderbolts flashed across the skies. A hail of flaming bolts whooshed down from the sky above and slammed into Bright Star’s array of fancy high-tech weapons, vaporizing them in huge plumes of smoke. His army was no match for the elite Royal Palace Guard, who swiftly overpowered each one of them. Beloved Son’s fully-armored followers surged through the ranks of Bright Star’s stunned followers and meted out the Great Sovereign King’s terrible justice. Bright Star could only stare in speechless humiliation as all around him, his dream of a lifetime crumbled right before his very eyes – years of meticulous planning brought to naught – each and every one of the millions of supporters from the four corners of the land, now mere worm meal, his technological marvels and super-duper weapons, all reduced to molten dust – his trusted army kneeling in chains before his arch enemy, Beloved Son! The future of his kingdom – now nothing more than a shimmering mirage in the heat of the smoldering battlefield.
And all this before he could even say “CHARGE”!
His forehead began to throb again and he felt a hand grab him by the scruff of his neck. Beloved Son took hold of the defeated Bright Star, turned him around and with a swift blow brought him down flat on his back and placed his scarred foot on Bright Star’s forehead
“You Bright Star, the great deceiver, will no more deceive anyone, for there was, is and always will be, only One True Sovereign King and we both know who He is!” Beloved Son proclaimed and handed him over to the Captain, to be brought to the King for sentencing.

Chapter 10 - The New Kingdom

In the Palace, a great celebration was underway for Beloved Son and all his faithful followers - those who had truly believed him and paid homage to the Only True King and none other. Beloved Son stood before the Throne and bowing deeply, presented the Royal Scepter to his Father.
“Behold, Father. You have indeed made all my enemies my footstool. You are truly the Only True Great King.”
The King beamed in satisfaction that his meticulously laid out plans had been carried to perfect completion. He ordered the great deceiver Bright Star and his army to be taken out of the Kingdom to the place of perpetual destruction - never again to con anyone.

All the King’s chosen people from the old kingdom paid wholehearted, undivided homage to the Gracious King, for he was indeed the Only True King who alone was the Sovereign reason for their being in the new Kingdom. They were eternally grateful and sang endless praise to Beloved Son, in whose name they had been mysteriously chosen to live in this New Kingdom and be served by Royal servants!
All the servants in the Royal Court daily whispered to one another about the mystery of the great love of their King towards these undeserving city folk that he would actually crush his Beloved Son rather than send the Palace Guard to snuff them out.
The Palace Guards would forever recount to one another in amazement, how one day, their Captain had appealed to the King to rescue their Lord from a cruel death just beyond the Palace gates, but returned to them and mysteriously ordered them to stand down.
And the Captain of the Palace Guards? Every time he saluted Beloved Son, he never ceased to wonder to himself, how His Lordship, Beloved Son, stayed faithful to the King, even to give up his Royal life and yet walked out alive from the tomb!

And with all these wondrous mysteries and glorious memories filling the air, thus began the joyous endless reign of the Only True King and His Beloved Son in the New Kingdom.

 - The Tale of the 2 Princes does not end here; it will be continued by all who will believe.

“This is eternal life– that they may know YOU – the ONLY TRUE GOD, and Jesus  - the Christ whom YOU sent” – Jesus, John 17:3

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