Tuesday, June 29, 2010


THIS is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was preached when I was a kid

THIS is the Gospel that needs to be preached today especially INSIDE the church.
THIS is the one and only Gospel that carries life-changing power.
THIS is the one and only Gospel that makes Lucifer and his mighty army piss in their pants.
Where is the priority of THIS gospel in our "worship" services today? Replaced by all sorts of OTHER gospels - schemes, gimmicks, formulas and programs masquerading as "spiritual development"?
Take away THIS Gospel and jump straight to Acts 2, and the church will most surely perish while happily floating around blabbering mockeries in the name of GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit, appa, aiyaa and what not.
If you and I are to survive in this deceitful church, if our kids are to survive in this deceitful world, it is desperatley imperative to expose ourselves and our children to THIS Gospel FIRST & FOREMOST, and it is THIS gospel ALONE that will guarantee our and our children's salvation to God's own glory!
And we better do this while we still can take back the Bible from the pulpit.

Sam J Christopher

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